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Adam's Football shop
In 2008 I left my job, left my girlfriend in London and sold my apartment for my ultimate NFL trip. I road tripped across America seeing a total of 40 football games in 18 weeks!
In the 2009 season I lived on a tailgating bus, cooking British food as I tailgated across the land.
Check out my books: all about my footballing adventures.
Please feel free to contact me :
The games

1. My trip starts at Giants Stadium

Redskins (7) V Giants (16)

4. 49ers travel to Seahawks

49ers (33) V Seahawks (30)

5. What an amazing MNF in Dallas!

Eagles (37) V Cowboys (41)

6. Lions at San Francisco

Lions (13) V 49ers (31)

8. Cardinals Vs Jets. Warner Vs Favre

Cardinals (35) V Jets (56)

9. Ravens swoop to Pittsburgh

Ravens (20) V Steelers (23)

10. Denver host the swashbuckling Buccaneers

Buccaneers (13) V Broncos (16)

11. Lions visit the Vikings

Lions (10) V Vikings (12)

13. High School Football Hoover Vikings host the Glen Oak Eagles

Glen Oak Eagles (10) V Hoover Vikings (14)

14. Malone Pioneers vs Walsh Cavaliers, my first College game

Walsh Cavaliers (21) V Malone Pioneers (24)

15. The Steelers visit the Bengals

Steelers (38) V Bengals (10)

16. Broncos travel to New England for MNF

Broncos (7) V Patriots (41)

18. Packers visit the Titans

Packers (16) V Titans (19)

19. Redskins host the Steelers on MNF

Steelers (23) V Redskins (6)

20. Panthers travel to Oakland

Panthers (17) V Raiders (6)

21. Cardinals host the 49ers

49ers (24) V Cardinals (29)

22. Falcons host the Broncos

Broncos (24) V Falcons (20)

23. Buffalo host Browns

Browns (29) V Bills (27)

24. Added an extra game, Bengals at Steelers

Bengals (10) V Steelers (27)

25. Dolphins host the mighty Pats

Patriots (48) V Dolphins (28)

26. Saints host the Packers for MNF

Packers (29) V Saints (51)

28. Dolphins travel to St.Louis

Dolphins (16) V Rams (12)

29. Jags at the Texans for MNF

Jaguars (17) V Texans (30)

30. Bills host the Dolphins in Toronto

Dolphins (16) V Bills (3)

31. Panthers host the Bucs on MNF

Buccaneers (23) V Panthers (38)

32. Saints travel to Chicago

Saints (24) V Bears (27)

33. Ravens host the Steelers

Steelers (13) V Ravens (9)

34. Eagles host Browns on MNF

Browns (10) V Eagles (30)

35. Colts travel to Jacksonville

Colts (31) V Jaguars (24)

36. Dolphins travel to Kansas City

Dolphins (38) V Chiefs (31)

37. Bears host the Packers on MNF

Packers (17) V Bears (20)

39. Capital 1 Bowl game

Bulldogs (12) V Spartans (24)

40. Dolphins host wildcard game

Ravens (27) V Dolphins (9)

41. The Super Bowl

Steelers (27) V Cardinals (23)

The route
Adam's Football shop
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